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I have been learning Basic Tajweed with Neveen since October last year, however she has been my children's teacher for the past 3 years. In this time I have observed my children's progress and I can truly say they have perfected how they read Quran with proficiency, confidence and accuracy. This inspired me to start to learn and I do not regret it, thank you for all you efforts.

Kind Regards 


Ust.Neveen has been my teacher (and also my 11 year old daughter) for about 7 years now. When I started with her, not only was my makharij incorrect, but I had minimal knowledge of Tajweed rules. Alhamdullilah, now  I’ve improved tremendously in my pronounciation and have a good understanding of what rules to apply when reading the Quran. Being a working mother , I also appreciate the flexibility that online platform offers me.


Tajweed Rules Academy has been an amazing experience for both me and my daughter. The Noorul Bayaan method of teaching tajweed has been far superior to any madrassahs or online programs we have used in the past. I highly recommend this

Haneefah Dominguez

Sister Neveen has been teaching my 9 year old daughter quran with tajweed rules for over 2 years now and I can say that I feel so fortunate and blessed that I found her through a friend! Sister Neveen is extremely knowledgeable and expert in teaching quran with tremendous patient which she shows to my daughter and gives her guidance and  confidance to read quran her self and to realize her mistakes and fix them as they are going over. Sister Neveen is also going over tafseer of each surah as they are reading and tell my daughter prophet stories and tell her to explore more as homework and they discuss about that in next class. As a non Arabic speaking background I was looking for a teacher who not only speaks Arabic but also is experienced teacher and I must say that I feel so blessed to have find her!

Hina Ghaffar

Tajweed Rules Academy has helped me greatly to quickly and painlessly progress my Quran reading to another level. The site is so clear and easy to understand. The illustrations and colourful presentations have made learning more simplified and easy to understand. It has well elaborated rules in English with their Arabic terms and several examples too.

Thank you for filling the niche.

 Hakeem Mubiru, Coventry , UK

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