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Lesson 35, The Rules of Meem Sakinah أحكام الميم الساكنة

Lesson 35   (intermediate)
This is lesson 35 of “Tajweed Guide to Read Right book, part 1”
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Lesson 35, The Rules of Meem Sakinah أحكام الميم الساكنة ,
Tajweed guide book 1

The Rules of Meem Sakinah

The Rules of Meem Saakin
أحكام الميم الساكنة
The rules of    مare called Shafawee  شَفَوِى as the Makhraj of the      م is the lips
(shafatain = pair of lips)
Meem As-Sakinah has three rules

1) Al-Idghaam Al-Mithlayn     الإِدْغَام المِثْلَين

It has only one letter which is Meem (م). When a Meem with Sukoon (at the end of a word) and a Meem with Tashkeel (At the beginning of the leading word) meet, Idghaam with Ghunna appears. 

2- Al-Ikhfaa’ As-Shafawi الإِخْفَاء الشَّفَوِي

Al-Ikhfaa’ As-Shafawi as it is called, has only one letter and that is Baa (ب). If the letter Baa comes after Meem As-Sakinah (the Meem at the end of a letter and the Baa at the first of the leading word) Al-Ikhfaa’ As-Shafawi with Ghunna is found.

3) Al-Ith’har As-Shafawi  الإِظْهَار الشَّفَوِي

All the letters after taking out the letter Baa (from Ikhfaa’ As-Shafawi) and the letter Meem (from Idghaam Al-Mithlayn) are the letters of Ith’har As-Shafawi and they are 26. So if any of the 26 letters appear after Meem As-Sakinah in one word or in two words Ith’har is formed. Take into account at the place of Meem As-Sakinah with the letter Waw (و) and Faa (ف) to emphasize the Meem so as not to confuse the listener that one may have recited it, like reciting when there is the letter Baa

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