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Our Policy

 regarding cancellation or reschedule of classes. 

- cancellation of a class must be 8 hours in advance of the class time.

 Failure to do so will result in full payment for the cancelled class. 

A student is entitled to cancel or reschedule one class in every four and this can not be consecutive unless a valid reason is provided such as illness or holiday. 

The above point must still be applied.

We at Tajweedrules are committed to your education, so please respect the time our teachers spend to support your learning by keeping them informed when you can't make a class.


It is not allowed for any student to contact any teacher privately. 

It is not allowed to discuss any payments and your contact details with the teachers.

Tajweed Academy keeps the privacy of both student and teacher. All personal information are considered as secret information that no one has the right to know, copy nor use it in any way. message (WhatsApp number +201011318390 ) for students to email the support and only correspondences channels. 

New monthly payment must be made between 25th of the current of month and 5th of the new month. Otherwise, the classes will be ceased (paused) until the payment is received. 

If a student finds himself can’t attend a class for any reason, he/she should message 
(WhatsApp number +201011318390) at least 8 hours before the class starts and ensure that the class is rearranged to another suitable day. If a student misses a class without emailing the support at least 8 hours before the class starts, no makeup will be arranged except if there is a sudden illness or death in the family. 
If a student plans to take a holiday for a period up to one month, they are eligible to make up their classes. Making up the classes can be before or after the holiday. 
Any leave without emailing the support is considered as paid from your side and there is no make up for that and it is paid if you keep the same schedule and teacher as we cannot utilize the time for any other students of you. There is no make up classes for more than 5 days leaves as the teacher cannot manage the make up classes.

If a teacher is late for the class, the student should email the support and inform them that they are online. 
If the student/parent doesn’t get a response, the student/parent should message (WhatsApp number +201011318390 )The teacher will make up for any missed time or class. And The student Always finds the support with him in shaa Allah If the teacher is often late or misses classes, kindly message (WhatsApp number +2011011318390) as soon as possible.

The number of classes/hours has been agreed when any student joins the Academy. If you wish to increase/reduce the number of classes, please message (WhatsApp number +201011318390) Please note that support will inform you of the cancellation of any extra classes which will be more than the number of classes required.
 Example: If it has been agreed that you will do 4 classes per month on Saturdays, sometimes it happens that there are 5 Saturdays in one month. In that case, the 5th class will be cancelled. Your payment is done according to an hourly rate, therefore the extra classes have not been paid for. 

If the student has any enquiries about the fees, please kindly message (whatsapp number +2011011318390)

The quality of learning is monitored closely through various procedures such as measuring attendance discipline, regular teacher training, student feedback and regular examinations. 

Students are requested to send feedback on the teacher and class in this feedback form. Feedback is essential to enhance the overall quality of learning. 

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said, ‘Allah has given you something better than them, the day of (Eid) Adhaa and the day of (Eid) Fitr. Accordingly, we have two main public holidays which are Eid Adha holiday that lasts for 4 days and Eid Fitr holiday that lasts for 3 days. Teachers will reschedule those missed classes. 

If the student decides to leave the institute for any reason, we kindly request that they message (WhatsApp number +201011318390 ) two weeks earlier than the date of leaving and mention the reason behind that.
Tajweed Academy may revise its Terms of Service & Conditions at any point of time and those would be added and updated on our website as well.


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