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Said ibn Aamir al-Jumahi

  Said ibn Aamir al-Jumahi

سعيد بن عامر الجُمحي

سعيد بن عامر الجُمحي

Said ibn Aamir al-Jumahi was one of thousands who left for the locale of Tanim on the edges of Makkah at the greeting of the Quraysh pioneers to observe the killing of Khubayb ibn Adiy, one of the partners of Muhammad whom they had caught misleadingly.

With his rich energy and strength, Expressed jarred through the group until he found the Quraysh pioneers, men like Abu Sufyan ibn Harb. also, Safwan ibn Umayyah, who were driving the parade.

Presently he could see the detainee of the Quraysh shackled in his chains, the ladies and youngsters pushing him to the spot set for his demise. Khubayb's passing was to be in vengeance for Quraysh misfortunes in the skirmish of Badr.

Whenever the gathered crowd showed up with its detainee at the selected spot, Said ibn Aamir took up his situation at a point straightforwardly sitting above Khubayb as he moved toward the wooden cross. From that point he heard Khubayb's firm yet calm voice in the midst of the yelling of ladies and kids.

"In the event that you would, pass on me to ask two rakaats before my demise." This the Quraysh permitted.

Expressed viewed at Khubayb as he confronted the Kabah and supplicated. How wonderful and how made those two rakaats appeared! Then he saw Khubayb confronting the Quraysh pioneers.

"By God, assuming you believed that I requested to supplicate out of dread of death, I would think the request not worth the difficulty," he said.

Said then saw his kin set about eviscerating Khubayb's body while he was at this point alive and provoking him simultaneously.

"Could you like Muhammad to be in your place while you go free?"

With his blood streaming, he answered. "By God, I would have zero desire to be completely safe among my family while even a thistle harms Muhammad." Individuals shook their clench hands up high and the yelling expanded. "Kill him. Kill him!"

Said watched Khubayb lifting his eyes to the sky over the wooden cross. "Count them all, O Ruler," he said. "Obliterate them and let not so much as one getaway."

From that point Said couldn't count the quantity of blades and lances what slice through Khubayb's body.

The Quraysh got back to Makkah and in the exciting days that followed failed to remember Khubayb and his demise. In any case, Khubayb was never missing from the considerations of Said, presently moving toward masculinity. Said would see him in his fantasies while sleeping and he would picture Khubayb before him supplicating his two rakaats quiet and messaged, before the wooden cross. Also, he would hear the resonation of Khubayb's voice as he petitioned God for the discipline of the Quraysh. He would become apprehensive that a thunderclap from the sky or some catastrophe would strike him.

Khubayb, by his demise, had shown Gotten out whatever he didn't understand previously - that genuine was confidence and conviction and battle in the way of confidence, even til' the very end. He showed him likewise that confidence which is profoundly imbued in an individual makes all the difference and performs wonders. He showed him something different as well, that the one who is cherished by his mates with such an affection as Khubayb's must be a prophet with Divine help.

Hence was Said's heart opened to Islam. He stood up in the gathering of the Quraysh and reported that he was Rex from their wrongdoings and weights. He disavowed their venerated images and their notions and announced his entrance into the religion of God.

Said ibn Aamir relocated to Madinah and joined himself to the Prophet, may the harmony and endowments of God arrive. He partook with the Prophet in the clash of Khaybar and different commitment from there on. After the Prophet died to the assurance of his Ruler, Said proceeded with dynamic help under his two replacements, Abu Bakr and Umar. He carried on with the remarkable and commendable existence of the adherent who has bought the Great beyond with this world. He looked for the joy and favors of God above egotistical longings and real delights.

Both Abu Bakr an(l Umar knew Expressed well for his trustworthiness and devotion. They would pay attention to anything that he needed to say and heed his guidance. Said once came to Umar toward the start of his caliphate and said.

"I encourage you to fear God in managing individuals and don't fear individuals in that frame of mind with God. Allow not your activities to digress from your words for the best of discourse is what it affirmed by activity. Consider the individuals who have been designated over the illicit relationships of Muslims, all over. Like for them what you like for you as well as your family and abhorrence for them what you would detest for you as well as your loved ones. Conquer any obstructions to accomplish reality and don't tear the reactions of the people who censure in issues endorsed by God.

"Who can compare this, Said?" asked Umar. "A man such as yourself from among those whom God has named over the illicit relationships of the Ummah of Muhammad and who feels dependable to God alone," answered Said.

"Said," he said, "I choose you to be legislative leader of Homs (in Syria)." "Umar," argued Said, "I beg you by God, don't make me wander off by making me worried about common undertakings."

Umar ended up being irate and said, "You have put the obligation of the caliphate on me and presently you neglect me." "By God. I will not spurn you," Said immediately answered.

Umar selected him as legislative leader of Homs and offered him a tip. "How will I manage it, O Amir al Mumineen?" asked Said. "The payment from the have al-mal will be all that could possibly be needed for my necessities." With this, he continued to Homs.

Not long a short time later, a designation from Homs comprised of individuals in whom Umar had certainty stayed with him in Madinah. He mentioned them to compose the names of the poor among them so he could alleviate their necessities. They arranged a rundown from him in which the name Said ibn Aamir showed up.

"Who is this Said ibn Aamir?" asked Umar

"Our amir" they answered.

"Your amir is poor?" said Umar, astounded.

"Indeed," they certified, "By God, a few days go by without a fire being lit in his home."

Umar was extraordinarily moved and sobbed. He got 1,000 cafes, put it in a handbag and said, "Pass my good tidings on to him and let him know that the Amir al Mumineen has sent this cash to assist him with taking care of his requirements."

The designation came to Said with the handbag. At the point when he found that it contained cash, he started to drive it away from him, saying, "From God we are and to Him we will surely return."

He expressed it in such a manner as though some setback had slid on him. His frightened spouse rushed to him and inquired, "What's wrong, Said? Has the Khalifah died~"

"An option that could be more noteworthy than that."

"Have the Muslims been crushed in a fight?"

"An option that could be more noteworthy than that. The world has happened upon me to ruin my henceforth and make jumble in my home. "

"Then, at that point, dispose of it," said she, knowing nothing about the burger joints.

"Will you help me in this?" he inquired.

She concurred. He took the cafes, put them in sacks and dispersed them to the Muslim poor.

Not long subsequently, Umar ibn al-Khattab went to Syria to inspect conditions there. At the point when he showed up at Homs which was called little Kufah on the grounds that, as Kufah, its occupants whined a ton about their chiefs, he asked their thought process of their Amir. They grumbled about him referencing four of his activities every one more serious than the other.

"I will unite you and him," Umar guaranteed. "What's more, I petition God that my viewpoint about him wouldn't be harmed. I used to have extraordinary trust in him."

While the gathering was assembled, Umar asked what grievances they had against him.

"He possibly emerges to us when the sun is high," they said.

"What do you need to share with that, Said?" asked Umar.

Said was quiet briefly, then, at that point, said, "By God, I truly didn't have any desire to say this yet there is by all accounts no chance to get out. My family doesn't have a home assistance so I get up each day and get ready mixture for bread. I stand by a little until it rises and afterward heat for them. I then, at that point, make wudu and go out to individuals."

"What's your other grievance?" asked Umar.

"He doesn't answer anybody around evening time," they said.

To this Said hesitantly said, "By God, I truly could never have jumped at the chance to reveal this too. however, I have left the day for themselves and the night for God, Extraordinary and Great is He."

"Also, what's your other protest about him?" asked Umar.

"He doesn't emerge to us from one day in each month," they said.

To this Said answered, "I don't have a home assistance, O Amir al-Mumineen and I have no garments with the exception of what's on me. This I wash one time each month and I sit tight for it to dry. Then, at that point, I go out in the later piece of the day."

"Some other protest about him?" asked Umar.

"Every once in a while, he shuts down in gatherings," they said.

To this Said answered, "I saw the killing of Khubayb ibn Adiy when I was a mushrik. I saw the Quraysh cutting him and saying, "Would you like Muhammad to be in your place?" to which Khubayb answered, "I wouldn't wish to be free from even a hint of harm among my family while a thistle harms Muhammad." By God, at whatever point I recall that day and how I neglected to come to his guide, I just figure that God wouldn't excuse me and I shut down."

Immediately Umar said, "Acclaim be to God. My impression of him has not been spoiled." He later sent 1,000 coffee shops to Said to take care of him. At the point when his better half saw the sum she said. "Acclaim be to God Who has improved us out of your administration. Get a few arrangements for ourselves and get us a home assistance."

"Is there an approach to spending it better?" asked Said. "Allow us to spend it on whoever comes to us and we would get something better for it by in this way devoting it to God." "That will be better," she concurred.

He put the burger joints into little packs and shared with a his relative, "Take this to the widow of this and that, and the vagrants of that individual, to the poor in that family and to the penniless of the group of that individual."

Said ibn Aamir al-Jumahi was for sure one of the individuals who deny themselves in any event, when they are distressed with extreme neediness.

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