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Marakia: gorgeous and affordable

Marakia: Gorgeous and Affordable

in the North Coast


One of the leading vacationers’ attractions at the moment is the Egyptian North Coast, as the water is clear and the sand is soft, and one of the best resorts of the North Coast is Maraqia (Marakia) a gorgeous resort that offers great affordable prices

Maraqia (Marakia)

Maraqia (Marakia) is at Kilo 51 on the North Coast road, with chalets, cabinets and villas at great rent prices, according to a Facebook page that posts about the best hangouts in Egypt

Inside Maraqia (Marakia) resort there are 4 large pools in different areas of the resort, beginning, middle and end, and they have appropriate depths for everyone.
Maraqia (Marakia)

Maraqia (Marakia)

There’s also a megamall inside Maraqia (Marakia) resort with a lot of different restaurants and cafes like KFC beside other famous local food places.

Seems like a great place, right? Make sure to try it out and let us know what you think!
Maraqia (Marakia) north coast

Now you can come to Egypt and rent a beautiful chalet in Marakia north coast from Airbnb with me from this link Here


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