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lesson 33, How to recite Surat al Kaafiroon سورة الكافرون with Rules,Tajweed guide book 1

Lesson 33   (intermediate)
This is lesson 33 of “Tajweed Guide to Read Right book, part 1”

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Lesson 33 ,How to recite  Surat Al-Kaafiroon سُورَةُ ٱلْكَـافِرُونَ   with Rules

سُورَةُ ٱلْكَـافِرُونَ

The new rule we can learn from this surah :

In some words there is a particle such as يا used for calling, or ها for drawing attention,
the Madd letter is written joined together with the following word.

The reader needs to know that يا (for calling) and what follows it are two separate words; and the same can be said for ها (drawing attention) and what follows it

This zero is called صِفْر مُسْتَطِيل (oblong zero)

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