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Lesson14, Shaddah with Tanween, TAJWEED GUIDE BOOK, part 1,


Lesson14, Shaddah with Tanween 

Lesson 14 (beginner)

Shaddah with Tanween

This is lesson 14 of “Tajweed Guide to Read Right book, part 1”

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This book covers all the main areas of Tajweed that are required to read the Qur’an properly.
We still in Noor Ul Bayan book
Noor Ul Bayan or (nourani qaida) is the first step for those who wish to start learning to read holy Qur'an with proper pronunciation.
Lesson 14: Shaddah and tanween
Important note 
1- If the Qalqalah letters have a Shaddah شَدَّة ,we don’t apply Qalqalah on the first letter 
2- Whenever Noon ن or Meem م has Shaddah ـّ , apply Ghunnah غُنَّة(A long nasal sound)
this is last lesson in beginner level,next we will start the section 2 from the book (the intermediate level)

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