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Lesson12,Tanween , TAJWEED GUIDE BOOK, part 1




Lesson 12 (beginner)

This is lesson 12 of “Tajweed Guide to Read Right book, part 1”
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This book covers all the main areas of Tajweed that are required to read the Qur’an properly.
We still in Noor Ul Bayan book
Noor Ul Bayan or (nourani qaida) is the first step for those who wish to start learning to read holy Qur'an with proper pronunciation.

Lesson 12:Tanween or Noonation  الْتَّنْوِيْنُ

In this lesson we will read and learn letters with Tanween
The tanween is an "n" sound added to the end of the word in certain circumstances, usually it functions just like the "a" and "an" in English, indicating an indefinite article. The word tanween, literally means marginalize/pushing aside;[1] But usually translated as "nunation", "to 'n'", or "'n'ing"; making an "n" sound.

Tanween is indicated by doubling the short vowel at the end of the word. If a word ends with a "kasra" tashkeel, then the tanween is indicated by writing two "kasra"s (one above the other); same with the "dhamma", you write two dhammas, one beside the other. However, with the "fatHa", you don't only double the "fatHa", but you also add an "Alif",it is not Alif  Maddiyah.
q There are 2 Exceptions in تَنْوِين الْفَتْح   that has no Alif at the end    -       -         رَحْمَةً   ,   دُعَاءً
So, we can say there are three types of tanween
q There are four rules of Tajweed applied to the Noon Sakinah and Tanween,these
         will be discussed later insha’Allah

In this video we will read and exercise more words and sentences with tanween from Noor ul Bayan book

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