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Lesson 20 : How to read Basmalah with Tajweed rules

Lesson 20 (intermediate)
This is lesson 20 of “Tajweed Guide to Read Right book, part 1”

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Lesson 20 : How to read Basmalah with Tajweed rules

In this lesson we will learn new Madd type when we break the Basmalah down

The Secondary Madd 
الْمَد الْفَرْعى
Its definition: It is a lengthening that has a longer timing  than that of the natural Madd (الْمَد الطَّبِيعِي ) due to a  Hamzah or a Sukoon, 
Its indications: The occurrence of a Hamzah before or after a Madd letter, or a Sukoon after it, regardless if the Sukoon is permanent (when continuing and when stopping), or if the Sukoon is a presented one.

The The Secondary Madd   المد الفرعيis divided into two groups:
1.      The Madd due to Hamzah
2.      The Madd due to Sukoon  
The Madd due to Hamzah is sub-divided into four groups:
1.  -The Exchange Madd مَد الْبَدَل
2.  The Required Joined Madd مَد    وَاجِب   مُتَّصِل   
3.  -The Separate allowed Madd      مَد   جَائِز مُنْفَصِل 
4.  The Greater Connective Madd مَد   صِلَة كُبْرى
The Madd due to Sukoon sub-divides into three types:
1.  -The Presented Sukoon  Maddمَد  عَارِض  لِلسُّكُون    
2.  -The Soft Madd  مَد    لِين    جَائِز
3.  - Compulsory Maddمَد لاَزِم       
Each of these categories will be described in detail of the next lessons.  This lesson will focus on "lengthening caused by a Sukoon."
The Lengthening with a Presented Sukoon المد العارض للسكون

Its definition: This Madd occurs when there is only one letter after one of the three Madd letters, it is the last letter of the word, this last letter has any vowel on it, and we are stopping on the last letter with a presented Sukoon.
Just a reminder: The three Madd letters are, the Alif  (ا)with a fat-h before it, the يا (ي) Saakinah with a Kasrah before it, and the واو(و) Saakinah with a Dhammah before it.  It is called “presented Sukoon” because the Sukoon is presented on the letter when stopping on it, otherwise the letter is read with its vowel

 Its rule: It is permitted to lengthen this Madd two, or four, or six counts when stopping on it. 

 When not stopping on it, the last letter is read with a vowel and the medd letter is lengthened two vowel counts, the normal measure for المد الطبيعي ,or natural lengthening. 
Examples  :  نَستَعِيـنُ         ,          سَاهُـونَ           ,          لَكَنُـودٌ

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