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Lesson 18,Rules of Laam in the name of Allah, Tajweed Guide book 1

lesson 18,Rules of Laam in the name of Allah,

Tajweed Guide book 1 

Lesson 18 (intermediate)
This is lesson 18 of “Tajweed Guide to Read Right book, part 1”

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Lesson 18: The Tafkheem and Tarqeeq

Rules of Laam in the name of Allah

Rules of Alif Madeyyah

Rules of Laam in the name of Allah

In a previous lesson, we studied letters that are always Mufakham (always said with Tafkheemتفخيم ). This lesson we will study the letters which are sometimes Mufakhamمُفخم , and sometimes muraqqaq مرقق-said with Tarqeeqترقيق

1-The Tafkheem and Tarqeeq of Alif
The letter Alif that is being spoken about here is specifically the Alif Madeeyah. It’s rule is simple. Alif is mufakham when it follows a mufakham letter; and it is muraqaq when it follows a muraqaq letter. This means, when it follows any one of the 7 istilaa’ letters, alif is mufakham, when it follows the laam mufakhamah in lafhul jalaalah, the alif is said with tafkheem. Similarly, when it follows a laam or raa’ mufhakhamah (keep in mind that raa’ may be said with tafkheem sometimes – next lesson insha Allah), the alif is also said with tafkeem
2- The ل of the Glorious name of Allah sometimes has tafkheem and sometimes tarqeeq,
Depending on the pronounced vowel on the letter preceding the لام. 

The Alif that follows the ل will follow the ل in Tafkheemتفخيم or Tarqeeq ترقيق  because as stated above, the Alif follows the letter preceding it.  It is therefore necessary to make sure both the ل of the Glorious name of Allah and the accompany Alif have both Tafkheem and Tarqeeq together, according to the rules stated below.

The lam of the Glorious name of Allah has Tafkheem in the following states:

If what precedes the name of Allah has a fat-ha, such as in:
وَعَلَى  ﭐللَّهِ
If what precedes the name of Allah has a Dhammah, such as in:
رَسُولُ  ﭐللَّه

If the letter preceding the name 'Allah'  is a Tarqeeqترقيق one, be careful not to pronounce it Tafkheem تفخيم as this can easily be done due to the letter laam being pronounced Tafkheem تفخيم

The Lam of the Name of Allah Has Tarqeeq in the Following States:

If it was preceded by an original kasrah or presented kasrah even if it is connected to it (the name of Allah) or separated from it. For example:

بِسمِ  اللَّه (original permanent kasrah),  قُلِ اللَّهُم(presented kasrah).
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