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Lesson 11: The Definite Article لام التعريف And Hamzaht al-Wasl همزة الوصل part 2

Lesson 11 (beginner)
A course designed to help perfect your recitation.

This is lesson 11 of “Tajweed Guide to Read Right book, part 1”
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This book covers all the main areas of Tajweed that are required to read the Qur’an properly.
We still in Noor Ul Bayan book 
Noor Ul Bayan or (Nourani Qaida) is the first step for those who wish to start learning to read holy Qur'an with proper pronunciation. 

Lesson 11: The Definite Article لام التعريف  
And Hamzaht al-Wasl  همزة الوصل  part 2

We said in the previous lesson that
The Definition of هَمْزَةُ الْوَصَلِ:
 It is an extra Hamzah at the beginning of the word, established (pronounced) when starting (starting with    the word), dropped when continuing (when joining the word with the word preceding it).
It occurs in Verbs, Nouns and the definite article لام التعريف  
In this video we will read and exercise more words and sentences from Noor ul Bayan book

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