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Innovative Way to Memorize the Quran (6)

Innovative Way to Memorize the Quran (6) 

This lesson will be different from the previous lessons. I have found a suitable way for memorizing and it is complementary during sleeping! So, I advice you brother reader to take advantage of sleeping time in memorizing the Holly Quran!….
Story with the Quran
I had some time listened to the Quran when I was sleeping.  That was by listening to a recorder which I left it playing.    I listened to a voice of one of the readers and slept.  After some time I had noticed that the memorization process became much easier. Even after several years, I noticed that what I had memorized from the Quran had been established in my memory. Years may have passed without reviewing a specific Surah and I find myself memorizing it in spite of not reviewing it!!

I had found an explanation to this phenomenon. Memorizing during sleep leaves an impression and effect much greater than memorizing during vigilance. Therefore, Allah has made sleep one of His great signs.  We have to take advantage of time because the Prophet (pbuh) had confirmed the importance of time to the believer.
Amazing scientific fact
If one sleeps for eight hours every day, this means that he spends third of his life in sleep.  But, sleep is the one thing that we mostly spend our time in.  However, does this mean that sleep is useless?  Or it is one Allah's almighty signs.  He said, "And among His Signs is the sleep that ye take by night and by day, and the quest that ye (make for livelihood) out of His Bounty: verily in that are signs for those who hearken." [Ar-Rum: The Roman: 23]  So, sleep whether at night or day is a sign, but one of Allah's miracles which we should think about. Then, note how the verse was ended by the word "hear" as if there is a relationship between hearing sense and sleep. This what researchers have confirmed by live photos!
 A researcher had observed some individuals during their sleep. He photographed the brain of each of them by the magnetic resonance scanning. He found that the brain was enlivened during sleep! Then, he read some information to these sleepers. The surprise was that he found a response from the brain to what he was reading. So the learning process had taken place though the man was sleeping.  But what is the scientific explanation to this strange phenomenon?
However, new studies on the brain and sleep science showed that the brain does not rest even at sleep. But the brain establishes the information which has been learned during the day. It establishes that during sleep, glory to Allah!
I have found several benefits for listening to the Quran especially during sleep. I will reintroduce a part of one my articles titled: Healing by Listening to the Quran:
Some of those who are memorizing the Quran using this innovative way have questions that I have promised to answer.  In this lesson, I will answer those questions:
How was your experience with close examination of rhetoric aspects of the Quran while your major was scientific?
There is no more beautiful than the moments where the believer enjoys the Quran memorization, consideration and studying.  It is the greatness of the Quran that helps you to strengthen your Arabic as soon as you repeat and memorize, however, repetition of reading and listening to the Quran imparts a lot to man from linguistic and rhetoric aspects.
 Nonetheless, when I encounter some difficult words I used to resort to easier explanations or language dictionaries which I find easy to reach. I used to carefully examine a verse from the Quran for an hour for example and try to think about it, its words and their implications. I earned new meanings as soon as I had considerd it.  So, Allah Almighty says, "Do they not consider the Qur'an (with care)? Had it been from other Than Allah, they would surely have found therein Much discrepancy. [An-Nisa: Women: 82]
In the course of considering the legislative provisions, did you consult the books of Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqeh)?
 Consulting references and books is necessary.  Wisdom is the believer's pursuit wherever it is found he takes it.  Any book you encounter talking about explanation, doctrine (fiqeh), language, or Quranic stories or any book related to the Quran and especially miracle sciences, all are necessary and useful. But on condition that we conclude the faith to Allah Almighty and your goal from memorization the Quran will be for Allah and not to be called as a memorizer of the Quran!
Always prayed Allah to bless us with His Book memorizing and good performance of what included in it, from your personal experience what are the things that assist in performing well what the Book had included? 
There is an important thing that helps man to memorize the Quran and most people ignore it. That is to see the Quran as the most important thing in the universe.  You can test yourself in that in a simple way: are you ready to leave a business that returns a lot of profit for the sake of memorizing the Quran? Are you ready to abandon your friends and those you love for the sake of memorizing the Quran and are you ready to avail the best time you have to memorize the Quran?
If you imagine that you can that has a very good effect in your success in memorizing the Quran. The Quran asks us to work, kinship and doing good deeds to others. But, where do you put the Quran in your life, in what stage, do wealth, work and friends come first or the Quran, this is what you should think of.

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