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The inevitable result

The inevitable result:

Ibn al-Qayyim said precious words concerning the effects of sins, including:
Lack of success, and the corruption of the opinion , and the hidden of truth, and the corruption of the heart, and the lack of the remembrance of Allah, and wasting time, and the aversion of the people, and the alienation between the person and his Lord, and prevent the answer to prayer, and the severity of the heart, and the right pond in the living and age, and the denial of knowledge, and the dressing of humiliation, and the insult of the enemy, and chest tightness.

The plague by corrupt people who corrupt the heart and waste time, and the length of worry and grief, and hardship of living, and the eclips of mind,,, all of these are generated from sin and ignorance to mention Allah, as grass generates by transplantation of water, and arson form fire. And the opposites of all these generate from obedience

حفيدة خديجة
By : حفيدة خديجة
اللهم صل على حبيبي محمد عدد خلقك وزنة عرشك ومداد كلماتك ورضى نفسك

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