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Consider this,,,

When Adam asked for eternity by the tree, he was punished by getting out of it…and when Youssef asked to get released from prison by the mean of the man of the vision, he stayed in prison for more years…so brothers and sisters, do not ask anyone but Allah…as there is no broker between you and Allah.
فواصل وصور

A Wonder...

How can he be a reasonable person the one who sells Paradise for the desire of an hour? (And many they are)...

فواصل وصور


There is a cover between the slave and his lord, and between the salve and people. Who ever broke the cover between him and his lord; the lord will uncover him in front of people( uncover here means from sins, they will be seen to every one)
( ibn al qayyim)

حفيدة خديجة
By : حفيدة خديجة
اللهم صل على حبيبي محمد عدد خلقك وزنة عرشك ومداد كلماتك ورضى نفسك

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