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What you have to do in Ramadan

What you have to do in Ramadan

During Ramadan:
1-    Allah has closed the gates of hell,
2-   and ordered the gates of heaven to be opened.
3-        It is also the month where Allah has tied the devils. 
Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle said, "When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of the heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained."
Benefits of Ramadan:

1)    The forgiveness of Allah.

2)   Being saved from hell.
Every night in Ramadan, Allah chooses people to be saved from the hell fire.
3)   One’s dua is accepted
4)   One will receive mountains of reward on the judgment day. Allah multiplies the good deeds by 70. 
5)   One day of fasting keeps a person away from hell 80 years (In other narrations 100 years, and the distance between the sky and the earth).
6)   Laylatul Qadr is equivalent to a thousand months (approximately 84 years)

So What you have to do in Ramadan
1)    Read Quran

      A juz [part] from Quran approximately contains 7000 words or letters X 10 rewards X 70 rewards  of        Ramadan [insyaAllah] X 30 juzu'/parts =147million. almost 150million.

2)   Praying

The 1 Salaa =10 rewords x 70 rewords of Ramadan =700
If you pray in Jama3a(congregation) means 27 x700= 18.900
Approximately 20.000 x 5 salwat =
100.000 rewards for 1 day x30days= 3.000.000

3)   Praying Tarawih

4)   Dua
One should make as much dua for himself, family and the Muslim Ummah as much as he can during Ramadan. 

5)   Family ties
There is great reward for one who does silat arRahim, and more so in Ramadan.  
The Prophet said whoever abandons his family will never enter heaven
6)   Give charity in Ramadan
One who gives charity in Ramadan will receive the reward of 70 times than one who pays outside of Ramadan.  It does not necessarily have to be in the form of monetary funds, but rather could be feeding a fasting person, even with a sip of water or a date.  The person who does this, will receive the reward of the person who fasted.

7)   7) Making Dawah
Ramadan is a perfect time for Muslims to make dawah to those that are not practicing, as well as non-Muslims.  One can do this by being a kind person and showing the right example of the good Muslim, or even reminding his fellow Muslims what the obligations are of Islam


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