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Madd ‘Aridh Li-Ssukoon

Madd ‘Aridh Li-Ssukoon

المد العارض للسكون  

Madd Aridh Li-Ssukoon means “temporary Madd for stopping ”.
This Madd occurs
When a Madd Tabee’ee is followed by a letter at the end of a word, which has been
made Saakin temporarily because the reader has to stop at the word, the reader
should prolong the Madd Tabee’ee to be Madd Aridh Li-Ssukoon.

Its  timing
Madd Aridh Li-Ssukoon can be prolonged 2,4 or 6 beats.
For the sake of simplicity, we will prolong it 4 beats..

Note: This Madd only exists if the reader stops on that word. If the
reader does not stop on it, it should be considered as a Madd Tabee’ee
(2 beats).

the next lesson In shaa' Allah will be  
Madd Al-leen

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