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Tips for Memorizing Quran

Tips for Memorizing Quran

    Short Practical Steps for Memorizing the Qur'an

    Spiritual Pre-Conditions

    *leave sins
    *live life by Qur'an

    Physical Pre-Conditions
    *memorize earlier in the day
    *pick one Mus'haf
    *quiet place
    *recite in prayer

    How to memorize Quran step by step?

    7 Tips for Memorizing Quran
    Assign meaning and purpose to the knowledge.
    Recite out loud and rehearse.
    Utilize memory devices. 
    Utilize colorful imagery.
    Understand the knowledge of the text.
    Take a break. 
    Utilize them in prayer once you've got it down!

    If you are interested in Tajweed and Quran classes

    send direct message to WhatsApp :

    The sessions are PAID

    You can send $100 to book 8 hours and use them at any time you want during one month or 2 months maximum

    Additional material and videos:


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