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المد الفرعي The secondary Madd

المد الفرعي 
the Secondary Madd

Its definition : It is a lengthening that has a longer timing than that of the natural Madd due to a Hamzah or Sukoon.

     المد الفرعي the Secondary Madd
is divided into two groups : 

1- Madd due to hamza  
which is sub-divided into three groups
1- Madd Al-Badal[Exchange or Substitution Madd] مد البدل

2- Madd Waajib Muttasil [Connected Madd] مد متصل واجب

3- Madd Jaa’ez Munfasil [separate Madd] مد منفصل جائز

    2- Madd due to Sukoon
which is sub-divided into two groups

1- Madd Aaridh Lill-Sukoon[temporary Madd for stopping]
مد عارض للسكون 
2-  Madd Laazim [Compulsory Madd] المد اللازم
the next lesson In shaa' Allah will be  Madd Al-Badal[Exchange or Substitution Madd] مد البدل
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