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Natural Madd المد الطبيعي

Natural Madd المد الطبيعي

In this lesson of Tajweed rules we will talk about natural lengthening or natural Madd.
It's definition :The natural Madd is simply
one of the Madd letters [ا,
ى, و  ] not followed
by a Hamzah ( ء) or a Saakin letter.

It is named [ original أصلي ]   
because it is the origin of all Mudood.
It is called [natural طبيعي ] 
because the person with natural measure will not increase its measure nor decrease it.
It's timing :The natural Madd [Tabee'ee]  is prolonged or lengthened two beats or two vowel counts.
This timing of each count depends on the speed of the reciter.Each vowel should be equal in count.

the three letters of Natural Madd pronounced from the empty space in the mouth and throat [ Jawf الجوف ]

Examples : 

قال , الكتاب , تعلمون , النعيـم , ساهون , أبابيل

What follows the Natural Madd Rules :

1- Madd Al3wad [ compensation Madd] مد العوض

2-  Madd Silah soghra[Lesser connecting Madd]

مد الصلة الصغرى 

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