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Madd Ewad[Compensation Madd] مد العوض

Madd Ewad[Compensation Madd] مد العوض

Madd Ewad

Madd Ewad

‘Ewadh means: compensation.
Madd ‘Ewad  : is the replacement of a
Tanween with Fathah present at the end of a word while sopping at it, with an Alif
Madd[Madd ‘Ewad is prolonged two beats.]
when continuing reading and not stopping on the word that has the tanween,
this lengthening disappears,but we have to apply the rules of Noon Sakinah and Tanween.

madd al-'iwad examples

Examples :

بِناءً , مَاءً , هُـدىً , شكوراً , سَبْحاً

words ending with ـة are
pronounced with unvowelled hā on stopping

رحمةً , نعمةً

the next lesson will be secondary Madd المد الفرعي

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