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The Lesser Connecting Madd مد الصلة

The Lesser Connecting Madd
 مد الصلة

In this lesson of Tajweed Rules we will talk about
Madd Silah soghra[Lesser connecting Madd]

مد الصلة الصغرى 
Madd Silah Kubra [ The Greater connecting Madd] 
مد الصلة الكبرى

It is lengthening the letter ـه when it’s a pronoun referring to a single male,using a و for
ـهُ and a ي for ـهِ ,
provided that the letter before the ـه AND the letter after the ـه do not have a sukoon . 


There are two types of connecting madd:
1. The Lesser Connecting Madd: If the letter after the ـه is not a ء. Length: 2 counts (appended to natural madd)
2. The Greater Connecting Madd: If the letter after the ـه is a ء. Length: Same as separate madd
Please notice the 2 exceptions on the right:
1. Conditions not met, but madd applied
2. Conditions met, but madd not applied

Examples :

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