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الـمـد Lengthening or Madd

The Madd [ Lengthening] 

Its linguistic definition: Extra , long
Its applied definition: Lengthening the sound with the letters of madd or Conventionally, it may be defined as to make the Madd letters long under some conditions.

The letters of madd are :

1-  Alif   sakinah  ا ,preceded by fathah.
2-  Ya' sakinah  ي  ,preceded by kasrah.
3-  Wow sakinah و , preceded by dhammah.

All these three letters appear in the following words :

أُوذِينـَا , نُوحِيهـَا , أُوتِينَـا

The way of pronunciation
The Madd can be prolonged from two to six beats depending upon its kind
Types of Madd: -

1- Madd Tabee’ee [ Natural Madd] المد الطبيعي 

2- Madd Al-Badal[Exchange or Substitution Madd] مد البدل
3- Madd Ewadh[Compensation Madd] مد العوض
4-Madd Aaridh Lill-Sukoon[temporary Madd for stopping]
مد عارض للسكون
5- Madd Leen مد لين

6- Madd Waajib Muttasil [Connected Madd] مد متصل واجب

7- Madd Jaa’ez Munfasil [separate Madd] مد منفصل جائز
8-  Madd Laazim [Compulsory Madd] المد اللازم

9- Madd Al3wad [ compensation Madd] مد العوض

10- Madd Silah soghra[Lesser connecting Madd]

مد الصلة الصغرى 

11- Madd Silah Kubra [ The Greater connecting Madd] 
مد الصلة الكبرى

The next lesson will be the Natural Madd in shaa' Allah

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