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If there is a letter BAA ب after the Noon Saakin or Tanween, Iqlaab will take place.

The linguistic definition :
Iqlaab means : to turn over or change
The way of pronunciation:-
If a Noon Saakin or Tanween is followed by “ ب”, 
it is converted into a hidden Meen 
A small opening is left between the two lips.
And the reader should make
Ghunnah for 2 beats.

There are three things for the Iqlaab إقلاب to be correct:
1-changing the Noon saakinah orTanween into a meem so that no trace of the Noon or Tanween is left.
2-Hiding this meem.

3-Observing the ghunnah الغُنة while hiding the meem.
This ghunnah is a characteristic of the hidden meem and has nothing to do with neither the noon sakinah nor the tanween

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