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إخفاء حقيقي Ikhfaa Haqiqi

إخفاء حقيقي Ikhfaa Haqiqi 

The linguistic definition :

Ikhfaa maens: "hiding"or "concealment"

It is the pronunciation Of Noon Saakina or Tanween In a way so that the sound is between Idghaam and Izhaar.
• Letters of Ikhfaa:-
Any letter other than the lettes of Izhaar, Iqlaab or Idghaam letters.Its letters are fifteen in number.
these letters are :
ث , ت , ج , د , ذ , ز , س , ش ,
ص , ض , ط , ظ , ف , ق , ك
• The way of pronunciation:-
If any letter other than the letters of Izhaar, Iqlaab or Idghaam letters
follows the Noon Saakina or Tanween, the Reader should hide the Noon Saakin or Tanween
The reader is also required to make Ghunnah for two beat

• The Ghunnah for the Ikhfaa:-
There are two kinds of Ghunnah in Ikhfaa
1- Heavy Ghunnah
2- Light Ghunnah
First: The Heavy Ghunnah   
If the Noon Saakina or the Tanween is followed by one of the heavy letters (  ص ض  ط ق ظ ),
the Sound of Ghunnah should also be heavy: -

Second: The Light Ghunnah 
If the Noon Saakina or the Tanween is followed by 
a light letter, the sound
of Ghunnah should be light.

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