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How did the story begun 19

Islam...a long story 

How did the story begun 19

The First Muslims 
After that momentous day in the month of Ramadan,
Revelation came again and again to the Prophet (pbuh). He
understood now what he had to do and prepared himself for
what was to come. Only a strong and brave man, helped by
Allah, can be a true prophet because people often refuse to
listen to Allah's message. Khadijah was the first to believe the
Prophet (pbuh) and accept as true what he brought from Allah.
Through her, Allah made things easier for the Prophet (pbuh).
Khadijah strengthened him, helped him spread his message,
and stood up to the people who were against him.

Then Revelation ceased for a time. The Prophet (pbuh) was 
upset and unhappy, thinking that Allah had left him, or that he
might have angered Allah in some way so that Allah no longer
thought him worthy of His message. However, the Archangel
Gabriel came back to him and brought this surah, or chapter,
of the Koran:

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful 

“By the morning hours, And by the night when it is stillest, 
Thy Lord hath neither forsaken thee nor doth He hate thee,
And verily the Last will be better for thee than the First. And
verily thy Lord will give unto thee so that thou wilt be content.
Did He not find thee an orphan and protect thee? Did He not
find thee wandering and guide thee? Did He not find thee
destitute and enrich thee? Therefore the orphan oppress not,
Therefore the beggar drive not away, And as for thy Lord's
blessing, declare it”. (Koran: xciii.1-11)

The Prophet (pbuh) began to speak secretly of Allah's 
message to those Who were close to him and whom he could
trust. At that time Mecca was going through hard times. There
was very little food to be had. Abu Talib, the Prophet's uncle,
who had taken care of him after his grandfather's death, was
finding it very difficult to feed his large family.

حفيدة خديجة
By : حفيدة خديجة
اللهم صل على حبيبي محمد عدد خلقك وزنة عرشك ومداد كلماتك ورضى نفسك

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