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How did the story begun 15

Islam...a long story 

How did the story begun 15

The Prophet's Marriage 

By the time Muhammad (pbuh) was twenty-five he was
famous for his honesty. He was respected by everyone, even
the elders of Mecca. The purity of his nature increased with the
years. It seemed he had an inner knowledge that other people
did not have. He believed in one God-Creator of the world-and
He worshipped Him with all his heart and with all his soul.
Muhammad (pbuh) was the finest of his people, the most kind,
truthful and reliable person in Mecca.

 He was known among
Quraysh as 'the trustworthy' (al-Amin) because of the good
qualities Allah had given him. He spent many quiet hours in a
cave in Mount Hira, not far from Mecca, thinking about Allah.
Among Quraysh was a respected and wealthy woman named
Khadijah. She was involved in trade and on hearing of
Mohammed’s reputation, sent for him and asked him to take
her goods and trade with them in Syria. Muhammad (pbuh)
agreed and left for Syria with one of Khadijah's caravans. With
him went her slave, Maysarah, and they spent a great deal of
time talking together. Maysarah soon came to admire
Muhammad (pbuh). He thought he was quite different from all
the other men of Quraysh.

Two unusual events took place during this journey which 
puzzled Maysarah very much. The first happened when they
stopped to rest near the lonely home of a monk. Muhammad
(pbuh) sat under a tree while Maysarah was busy with some
work. The monk came up to Maysarah and asked, 'Who is the
man resting under the tree?' 'One of Quraysh, the people who
guard the Ka’bah', said Maysarah. 'No one but a Prophet is
sitting beneath this tree', replied the monk. The second event
occurred on the journey back to Mecca. It happened at noon,
when the sun is at its hottest. Maysarah was riding behind
Muhammad (pbuh) and as the sun grew hotter he saw two
angels appear above Muhammad (pbuh) and shield him from
the sun's harmful rays. The trading was very successful and
Muhammad (pbuh) made more profit for Khadijah than she
had ever received before.

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