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Mistakes in Tajweed 3

 Mistakes in Tajweed:

The scholars have divided the types of mistakes one might fall into when reciting the Quran into two types:

 1.     Clear mistakes[ Lahn Jalee ]
 2.    Unobvious (hidden) mistakes [ Lahn Khafee  ].
1.     Clear mistakes[ Lahn Jalee ]

Means that the error is clear and obvious like the sun.
Lahn Jalee is haraam and to do so intentionally can plunge into the act of a major Sin, so much that it can lead one to the brink of kufr.

2.    Unobvious (hidden) mistakes [ Lahn Khafee ].

Means hidden error. For instance,this refers to errors, which may
occur in Ikhfaa, Iqlaab, Idghaam etc.
Reading the Qur'an whilst being guilty of Lahn Khafee is makrooh
(undesirable, not commendable).

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