TAJWEED GUIDE book,part 1,lesson 6,words with natural Alef Madd

Lesson 6 (beginner)
A course designed to help perfect your recitation.

This is lesson 6 of “Tajweed Guide to Read Right book, part 1”
This book covers all the main areas of Tajweed that are required to read the Qur’an properly.
We still in Noor Ul Bayan book 
Noor Ul Bayan or (Nourani Qaida) is the first step for those who wish to start learning to read holy Qur'an with proper pronunciation. 

Lesson 6: الْمد الْطبيعي (The Natural Madd)
words with natural Alef Madd

In this lesson we will learn that Madd is:
Lengthening of the sound with a letter of the Madd letters.
The Madd letters are 3 :

11-     Alif Maddiyah empty Preceded by Fat-ha أَلِف مَدِّيَّه
2-Waw Maddiyah empty Preceded by Dammah وَاو مَدِّيَّه
3-Yaa Maddiyah empty Preceded by Kasrah يَا  مَدِّيَّه
The Madd conditions : 1- Madd letters must be empty from any Harkah (fat-ha, Dammah, kasrah)
                                 2- Madd letters must be preceded by it’s own Harakah
The Madd is divided into two groups:

  1.         الْمد الْطبيعي (The Natural Madd)
   2.     المد الفرعي  (The Secondary Madd)  

The Natural Lengthening المد الطبيعي
Its definition: It is the Madd (lengthening) that without which the letter cannot exist (the timing), and it does not stop due to a Hamzah or a Sukoon.

Its indications: There should not be a Hamzah before it, and there should not be a hamzah or sukoon after it.

It is named original because it is the origin of all Mudood (lengthening).  It is called natural because the person with a natural measure will not increase its measure nor decrease it.

Its timing: It is lengthened two vowel counts.

In this video we will spill out words with natural Alef Madd.

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