how to earn the eternal pleasure of allah ( the lord)

تصميمات بسيطه لذكر الله

To earn the eternal pleasure of Allah the All-Mighty by striving with excellence to pursue the vision of the final Messenger. ••••► Our core values
● ➲ Sincerity and fear of Allah.
➲ Integrity & trust. ➲ Dedication and passion.
➲ Discipline, ownership and leadership.
➲ Brotherhood and compassion.
➲ Commitment to excellence and winning.
••••► Mission ●
■ Increase the Islamic knowledge of the M...uslims and make them practicing.
■ Unite the Muslim Ummah under the shade of Tawheed. ■ To make the word of ALLAH supreme.
■ Remove Shirk and Biddah from the Muslim Ummah.
■ Remove all the Misconception about Islam.
■ Remind people of the purpose of their existence.
■ Help people to live "a Good life" through the Principles of faitheology and good deeds.
■ Educate Muslims of the proper Islamic theology and methodology which serve as bulwark against terrorism, extremism, misconception and antipathy.
■ Share Islamic truths with the people so they know Islam as it is, not as the ignorant forces portray it.
■ Call to the path of Allaah with wisdom and good advice.
■ Build bridges of communication and understanding with other faiths.
■ Provide services and products that Muslims need. We will add full description of our Mission Soon.. InshaAllaah
••••► Finally
❀❀ Allah has promised those who believe amongst you and do righteous deeds, that He will of a surety give them power and authority in the World as He had given to those before them and that He will establish this religion of theirs which He has desired for them and that He will change their situation of fear into one of safety. That they worship Me and not associate anyone in partners with Me; and who so ever disbelieves, then indeed he is a rogue transgressor. [AnNur: 55]
❝ Easing of the path to paradise is based upon making the effort, not upon attainment of the result.

تصميمات بسيطه لذكر الله

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Anonymous said...

Ameen! This brief list serves as a beautiful reminder for all readers. The starting point in establishing a connection with Allah (SWT) is to seek wholesome knowledge. The best knowledge is the Quran and Sunnah. After that, is the Book of Nature (which contain all the Signs of Allah (SWT)]. Hence, by having constant remembrance of Allah (SWT), the astute student is in a constant state of mindfulness to ensure that his actions and deeds and thoughts are those that will earn the Pleasure of Allah (SWT) and not to earn the false praise of people or (worse) to do something contrary to islam, which earns the praise of Shay’taan. It is only knowledge that can give us the information that we need to hold fast to the Rope of Allah (SWT). But information on its own is insufficient. We need to constantly make Dua to Allah (SWT) to Guide us to Knowledge and Wisdom that will earn His Pleasure and that will then assist us in determining Right from Wrong. A Muslim has a simple philosophy to follow: help others (including humans, creation, atmosphere, the planet etc). If you cannot help others, then at least do not harm others (don’t harm your fellow human beings, don’t harm animals, don’t damage the environment etc). May Allah (SWT) Reward all of you involved with this website (and other authentic websites that host useful information), so that thereby, all of us can learn a bit more about Islam and thereby be on an ongoing quest to earn the Pleasure of Allah (SWT) by following the footprints left behind for us by the Final Messenger (SAW). Al-Hay’yoo Al-Qay’yoom. Ameen. Yaa Rabb-al-Aa’la’meen! Ahmed Abd-Allah.

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