Madd Al-leen مد الليـــن

Madd Al-leen

مد الليـــن  

Leen means “easy”.

The Leen letters:- A Waaoo ( و) or Yaa’ ( ى) Saakin preceded by a letter with a
When should we do this Madd?

If one of the Leen letters is followed by a letter at the end of a word, which has
been Saakin due to stop(If the reader will not stop, no Madd is applied.)
, the reader should prolong the Leen letter. The reader
can choose to prolong it 2,4 or 6 beats.

Examples :-

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5 التعليقات:

Sister said...

Asalamu aleikum.

What about if the leen letter is NOT followed by a sakin letter, should we still give attention to the leen letter or is it only when stopping? I read something about al-leen that seemed to be different from madd al-leen. What is that? or have i misunderstood?

IkaN said...

Thanks. May Allah bless you.

Anonymous said...

Dear sister, yes. only when it is stopping (waqf)

Farhana billal said...

Please put some more examples

wasi said...

Leen is not madd
U must hv read right

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