How did the story begun 13

Islam...a long story

How did the story begun 13

main sources of food, gave lots of fruit. Even the sheep and The land became green, and the date trees, one of their 
their old she-camel began to give plenty of milk.

Halimah and her husband knew that this good fortune had 
come because they had the new baby, Muhammad (pbuh),
whom they had come to love as if he were their own son.

ابتسامات لكِ

When Muhammad (pbuh) was two years old, Halimah took 
him back to his mother. She pleaded with Aminah, however, to
let her keep him for a little longer, and to her great joy the
mother agreed. During his time with Halimah's family in the
desert, Muhammad (pbuh) played with her children and
together they would take the sheep out to graze. At other
times, however, Halimah would often find him sitting alone. It
is said that on one occasion, two angels came to Muhammad
(pbuh) and washed his heart with snow. In this way Allah
made his heart pure for He intended Muhammad (pbuh) to be
greater than any man ever born and to become the Seal of the

ابتسامات لكِ

In the Name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful 

“Did We not expand thy breast for thee And eased thee of 
thy burden Which weighed down thy back; And exalted thy
fame? So truly with hardship comes ease, Truly with hardship
comes ease. So when thou art relieved, still toil And strive to
please thy Lord. (Koran xciv.1-8)

When Halimah finally took Muhammad (pbuh) back to 
Aminah, he was a healthy, strong boy. Later he would look
back with joy on the time he had spent with Halimah, and he
always thought of himself as one of the Bani Sa'd.

ابتسامات لكِ

The Orphan's Childhood 

Muhammad (pbuh) returned to live with his mother in Mecca 
when he was about three years old. Three years later Aminah
decided to take her son to visit his uncles in Yathrib. She told
her maid, Barakah, to prepare everything they would need for
the long journey, and then they joined one of the caravans
going there. They stayed in Yathrib a month and Muhammad
(pbuh) enjoyed the visit with his cousins. The climate there
was very pleasant and he learned to swim and to fly a kite. On
their way back to Mecca, however, Aminah became ill and
died. She was buried in the village at al-Abwa not far from
Yathrib. Muhammad (pbuh) returned sadly to Mecca with his
mother's maid He was now six years old and had lost both his
father and mother. He was then adopted by his grandfather,
‘Abd al-Muttalib, who loved him dearly and kept him by his
side at all times. It was the custom of 'Abd al-Muttalib to sit on
a blanket near the Ka’bah. There he was always surrounded by
people who had come to speak to him. No one was allowed to
sit on the blanket with him, however, except his grandson
Muhammad (pbuh), which shows how close they were to each
other. Many times 'Abd al-Muttalib was heard to say: 'This boy
will be very important one day.'

Two years later 'Abd al-Muttalib became ill and Muhammad 
(pbuh) stayed by him constantly. 'Abd al-Muttalib told his son,
Abu Talib, to adopt Muhammad (pbuh) after his death, which
he did. Abu Talib had many children of his own, but
Muhammad (pbuh) immediately became part of his family and
the favorite child. The time came for Quraysh to prepare a
caravan to go to Syria. Abu Talib was going with them and he
took Muhammad (pbuh) along. It was Mohammed’s first
journey to the north. After days of travel, the caravan arrived
at a place near Syria where the Romans used to come to trade
with the Arabs. Near this marketplace lived a monk called
Bahira’. His cell had been used by generations of monks before
him and contained ancient manuscripts.

ابتسامات لكِ

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