How to recite Surat Al-Masad سورة المسد with Rules

Lesson 31   (intermediate)
This is lesson 31 of “Tajweed Guide to Read Right book, part 1”
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Lesson 31,How to recite Surat Al-Masad سورة المسد with Rules

The new rule we can learn from this surah :
The Separate Allowed Madd
Its definition: It occurs when a Madd letter is the last letter of a word, and a hamzah ء  is the first letter of the next

Stopping rules
the reader stops with the natural two count lengthening ( مد طبيعي حركتين)
since the hamzah in the next word is the reason for lengthening to four or five counts, and the reason is no longer present when stopping on the first word

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